Global Citizens’ Dialogue

“We, the Internet”

The Internet plays a vital role in how we see the world, from capturing acts of strength and courage to shining a light on injustice. Whatever the purpose or the user, access to information has become paramount at the local and global level. But who gets to own our digital identity? How can we put an end to today’s digital divide? How can we be sure of getting high-quality information online? On October 10, take a seat at the Global Citizens’ Dialogue on Internet and directly influence the digital developments of your own city and region.

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What we are proposing

For one day, citizens all over the world will gather in their respective countries – in Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Asia – to discuss the future of Internet.

The global participatory consultation will engage citizens from all walks of life in one of the most pressing and significant issues of our time. It will deliver first-class qualitative and quantitative data to support bold, legitimate decision-making.

By becoming Missions Publiques’s partner, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of thousands of citizens around the world as well as global visibility. Join the global coalition of 100+ stakeholders and play your part alongside partners from Government and Civil Society, International Organisations and the private sector.

Our current coalition of partners

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The topics

Internet and me

How do we navigate our digital world? Has COVID changed everything? Can we live without Internet? What are the main risks linked to digitalization?

My data, your Data, our Data

More and more of our life is taking place online. The COVID outbreak has drastically accelerated this movement; How should we handle our data? Who should own them? What about the balance between individual privacy and collective security?

A strong Digital public sphere

The traditional channels of information and the way citizens make up their mind have changed profoundly in the past 10 years. Access to information has grown exponentially. At the same time, many challenges have arisen like disinformation (“fake news”) or cyber bullying. How can we ensure the high quality of online discussion? Do we need to moderate the contents?

From exploring to governing Artificial intelligence

More and more decisions are being made by computer programs. Artificial Intelligence brings some tremendous opportunities for society. But what are the limits of this development? How can we make sure that it is beneficial for all?

A national session

Participants will discuss a chosen topic in line with economic, social, or political issues in their country.

Internet for and with the citizens


What has Internet changed for citizens during COVID-19 pandemic? Has it made our lives better or worse?

How will this global deliberation
make a difference?

Supported by collective intelligence protocols, global deliberations are the best way to gather input from diverse, informed, 21st-century citizens. In line with Missions Publiques’ ambition to rebuild governance with citizens, your contribution will enable an in-depth dialogue between citizens and decision-makers, for better collective choices.


Citizens’ recommendations will be collected and synthesized into key recommendations that will be submitted to decision-makers. This is a chance for citizens to become the decision-makers of their own digital life.

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Seize this unique opportunity and engage your country’s citizens and stakeholders in the global discussion. Join a coalition of 100+ partners from around the world to make Internet better and more inclusive.

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A look back

The global online Stakeholders’ Dialogue brought together participants from over 80 countries to improve Internet governance at a global scale. Learn more about the dialogue itself and what participants thought about it.