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Since 2017, We, the Internet  dialogues have brought together thousands of people around the world to discuss the future of the Internet and to help decision-makers at all levels  make smart and legitimate choices. 


A world’s first

Never before had thousands of people from so many different countries deliberated on the future of the Internet. The We The Internet dialogues are part of an ambitious program to change the way digital policy is made through open, inclusive and global participative processes.

Who is behind
We, the Internet?

Specialized in citizen participation at all levels, Missions Publiques initiated this one-of-a-kind project in 2018. Since then, the team (located in Paris, Bonn and Brussels) has implemented Citizens’ and Stakeholders’ Dialogues across over 80 countries at global level, thanks to an incredible coalition of strategic and national partners.

Preparing the future
of the Internet

After a Citizens explored a better connected future by deliberating on the following questions: How should our data be managed? Who should manage it? What entities should lead the fight against disinformation and with what tools? How should AI be governed? The results from these dialogues  have a predictive dimension and reflect what the general public will think a a couple of reflect what the general public will think in a fewyears from now.

Watch now!

Watch our short film on the 2020 Citizens’ Dialogue – including key figures and insights from ordinary citizens of the world on digital identity, disinformation, internet governance, AI governance or even data protection. 

Read the 2020

Our report presents citizens’ recommendations and will be particularly useful to policy-makers, researchers and other stakeholders working on digital and Internet-related topics.

7 core recommendations from the Stakeholders’ Dialogue

The first and most central recommendation is that the Internet Governance Forum + (IGF+) model is the most relevant starting point to organize the future of Digital Cooperation.

5 key visions from the
Citizens’ Dialogue

The Global Citizens’ Dialogue was held in over 70 countries to understand public preferences on how to handle the future of the Internet. Five visions emerged from this dialogue. Find out more in our final report.

They took a seat at the table, what did they think?

In October, they participated in the Global Citizens’ Dialogue on the Future of Internet in their own countries and today they share with us their feelings, from worries to great expectations.

Presentation of project to Advisory Board and scientific committee

Kick off

Start of training of partners

Design of deliberation ready

Draft Information materials ready

Final information materials ready

Training of partners closed

Launch of recruitment in countries

Translations launched


Analysis of results

Presentation at IGF 2021 and Web Summit 2021

Pivoting from a dialogue to a platform for dialogue

We aim to Institutionnalize deliberative processes in the run towards 2025’s edition of the World Summit on the Information Society.

Help us reach this goal!

You can help us reach this goal by becoming a partner, or by implementing a We, the Internet dialogue in your country.

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