2020 Global Citizens’ Dialogue results

The global results

The Global Citizens’ Dialogue was conducted across more than 70 countries with the aim of comprehending public preferences regarding the future of the Internet.

In October 2020, over 70 dialogues were organized, bringing together 5,000+ citizens from diverse backgrounds. These dialogues facilitated discussions on crucial topics such as digital identity, data protection, ensuring a secure digital public sphere, and governance of artificial intelligence. The overarching goal was to actively incorporate the voices of citizens into the processes of Internet governance.

Strong results with high impact at UN level

The United Nations Secretary General’s Office incorporated the Dialogue’s results into its 2020 Roadmap on Digital Cooperation. Since then, the report has continued to be of great utility to policy-makers, researchers, and other stakeholders closely involved in the topics addressed during the Dialogue.

You can download the full report as a single PDF document using the link below.

Open source data visualization

Tashi, an Indian Buddhist monastic and human rights and interfaith activist, Fatima, a Moroccan student in computer science, Suzanne, an Irish human resource employee, and Ariel, a 14-year-old Argentinian boy, may seem different at first glance. However, they all played pivotal roles in shaping Internet Governance. Through their participation in the Global Citizens’ Dialogue on the Future of the Internet in their respective countries, they now graciously share their thoughts and emotions with us, encompassing concerns as well as high hopes.

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