2020 Global Citizens’ Dialogue results

The global results

The Global Citizens’ Dialogue was held in over 70 countries to understand public preferences on how to handle the future of the Internet.

Over 70 dialogues, made up of thousands of citizens from all walks of life, took place throughout October 2020 to discuss their digital identity, data protection, a safe digital public sphere and AI governance. The ambition? To integrate citizens voices in Internet governance processes.

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We hope the report will be useful to policy-makers, researchers and other stakeholders working in detail on the areas considered by the Dialogue.

The full report is downloadable as one single document in PDF format below.

Open source data visualization

Tashi is an Indian Buddhist monastic, human rights and interfaith activist, Fatima is a Moroccan student in computer science, Suzanne is a human ressource employee from Ireland and Ariel is a 14-year-old Argentinian boy. At first sight, one might be under the misconception that they have little in common, but they all played a role in developing Internet Governance. They participated in the Global Citizens’ Dialogue on the Future of Internet in their own countries and today they share with us their feelings, from worries to great expectations.

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