Key findings and recommendations

Digital Literacy

All stakeholders should urgently invest in Digital Literacy to fight disinformation. Civil society and public bodies should take the lead.
Citizens massively prioritize Education: 53% of the groups rank Education as the most urgent action, and 52% as the most effective.

Data sharing

Citizens have a stronger understanding and support for data sharing when linked to a specific goal. Sharing data to fight the COVID-19 pandemic was seen as more acceptable (39,6 agree to share it with companies and 41,3% with the governments while this number is 21,3% and 21% in regular times).

Private Sector

The Private Sector should take the lead on technical tools to ensure the quality of content. The private sector has the most substantial support for technical solutions of fact-checking (32% of the groups rank it as the most urgent tool, and 25% as most effective).

Data management

Before entering the deliberation, most participants (64,5%) lack knowledge about the management of data. They are not aware that they have rights and can activate them. They don’t know the difference between personal data and other data.

About trust

When it comes to the actor of the internet, the Research community and the technical community appear as the most trusted actors (70,1% and 64,7%). In the third place comes the Civil Society (60,5%). Participants trust governments (national and local) and the private companies significantly less (43% on average). International and regional organizations benefit from a higher level of trust (56,7 on average).

An informative process

More than 80% declare that they will change their behavior after the dialogue by sharing less data (53%) and being more cautious about what thy read and see online

Artifical Intelligence

42,5% of participants consider that AI will most probably be directed by those who want to profit and exercise power. An overwhelming majority of citizens (79,9%) find it essential that human values should guide AI.

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