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Making We, the Internet the new Internet governance model.

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The We, the Internet method to shape a common digital future is both relevant and possible.
By becoming our partner, you will help us institutionnalize citizens’ dialogues in the current Internet governance framework and participate in The Encryption Dialogue.

The Encryption Dialogue

One of the most controversial policy issues identified by our coalition of stakeholders today is encryption policy. Help decision-makers find the right balance between protection of the individual rights and security of the society as a whole with citizens.

We propose to deploy a dialogue on the topic in 2021 to produce policy recommendations presented at IGF 2021 and Web Summit 2021.

What’s in it for you?

Become a partner and you will be part of an ecosystem of stakeholders who will shape the Internet of tomorrow, together with the citizens.

You will be part of the process and help us define the topics of interest deemed crucial to Citizens and Stakeholders’ Dialogues.

The results of the Dialogues will produce elements to fuel your strategy, drawing on unique insights from citizens from across the world.

“Citizens’ Dialogues provide quantitative and deliberative data reports on a local, national and international level. They articulate the needs and visions of citizens on different levels, and provide new, smart insights. They provide added value for all stakeholders as they are based on the life experiences and knowledge of the citizens, and give a deeper and argumentative understanding of the desirable future of the Internet.”

Manon Potet
Consultant for We, the Internet

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This brochure introduces the We, the Internet project and our vision. View it online and download it now. 

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You’re thinking of launching your own We, the Internet Citizens’ Dialogue? It’s possible! Download our toolkit–and be sure to respect our branding policy.

Helping you with your future dialogue

In our dedicated, easy-to-use toolkit, find our four modules with step-by-step guidance, as well as key questions for launching group discussions and individual questionnaires. Core members of the We, the Internet team chip-in throughout the toolkit by sharing useful tips along the way.

All tools are grounded in research and contextualized for the diverse operating realities of global stakeholders, and are adapted to all formats, from online to face-to-face and hybrid processes.

Download the toolkit

“How to run a We, the Internet dialogue” is a toolkit developed by Missions Publiques, for any digital related stakeholder–making We, the Internet model the Internet governance of the future.

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