A common vision with the Paris Peace Forum

From building a participative Internet governance architecture to listening to the Ocean’s voice

The position of the Paris Peace Forum is visionary and aligned with our ambition since Missions Publiques’ creation in 1998: create new models of governance to tackle the most pressing challenges of the 21st century through participative processes. By gathering old and new actors of global governance, we aim to help decision-makers make better, smarter and more legitime choices. By bringing global citizens into policy through deliberative and participative processes, we will be able to advance and enrich constructive discussions.

In the 2022-2026 cycle of our activities, we plan to work on the following topics: the future of the Internet, the Ocean, gene editing, the fight against climate change and more. 

Internet governance with and for citizens

A global Citizens’ Dialogue on the UN Global Digital Compact in the run up to the 2023 UN Summit for the Future.

A Global Citizens’ Assembly on the Future of the Internet to co-produce a citizens’ roadmap for a better digital future.

To institutionalize internet governance with and for citizens by 2025.

How can we give the Ocean a voice?


We wish to launch a discussion on holding a global Citizens’ Dialogue on the Ocean in 2023. 


The ocean plays a fundamental planetary role for the present, the future of Humanity and ultimately in supporting life on Earth. Yet it remains one of the most misunderstood environments. Decision makers need support and could benefit from citizens’ collective intelligence in tackling this question.


Let’s talk

If you’re interested in participating in these discussions, in knowing how we can collaborate, please contact us at antoine.vergne@missionspubliques.com and maria.tazi@missionspubliques.com and we’ll be happy to schedule a call.