Global Citizens’ Dialogue

“We, the Internet”

Over the last 40 years, Internet has become a common good for humankind. The upcoming developments bring an astonishing range of challenges for industry, governments, civil society and every human being. It is therefore be­coming increasingly urgent that we, the people, make our voices and perspectives heard regarding the next steps of this incredible technology. So join a dialogue near you and help shape the future of Internet!

Let’s invite CITIZENS

On June 20th of 2020, groups of hundreds of ordinary citizens will meet, get informed, discuss and deliver a collective view on the core stakes of digitalization. Participants will be selected to represent the diversity of their regions and countries and will come from all walks of life.

Those dialogues, both offline and online, will help provide quantitative and qualitative data reports on global, national and regional levels. They will articulate the needs and visions of citizens worldwide, and provide new, smart insights.

join the dialogues

After a first phase in 2018 and 2019, we are about to scale the process in 2020. We aim at reaching out to 100+ countries of the world.

So, do you want to be on board?