Global Citizens’ Dialogues

“We, the Internet”

Over the last 40 years, Internet has become a common good for humankind. The upcoming developments bring an astonishing range of challenges for industry, governments, civil society and every human being. It is therefore be­coming increasingly urgent that we, the people, make our voices and perspectives heard regarding the next steps of this incredible technology. So join a dialogue near you and help shape the future of Internet!

What if YOU had a say in this (r)evolution?

While both public and private stakeholders are preparing the future of Internet, one collective voice remains to be heard: the citizens’. Join the dialogue, share your insights, and help shape the decision-making process. Anyone can participate! No specific knowledge is required. The dialogues will be organized to make sure every participant feels comfortable and can share their ideas and thoughts with the others.

How does a global Citizens’ Dialogue work?

Around one hundred participants are invited to join the dialogue in each partner country. Panels are designed to represent the diversity of the population.

In each location, participants will go to a venue where they form groups of 5-6 people around each table. With the help of a facilitator, they debate about their hopes, fears and expectations around the future of Internet.

For several weeks, tens of thousands of people worldwide will take part in the process online too. They are given the same informational material as the participants at the face-to-face dialogues.

The data and participant insights will be collected and brought to the attention of the decision-makers who are preparing the future of Internet (governments, companies, NGOs…). The data will also be made available to the public.

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