Global citizens debates

“We, the Internet”

Be part of a unique, global experience that will contribute
to the future of Internet. Join a debate today, and with
hundreds of citizens worldwide, make yourself heard!

Take a part in shaping
the Internet of tomorrow

Internet has changed our lives in such a way that some consider it a basic necessity, on par with lodging, food and water. The new technologies developed through the world wide web have impacted the way we work, how we access culture and entertainment, and how we bond with family and friends.

But what if YOU had a say in this revolution?

Missions Publiques and an ecosystem of partners are launching a Global Citizens’ Debate on the future of Internet that will engage hundreds of non-expert citizens worldwide. This first round will take place between 2018 and 2019, with hundreds of people meeting in 10+ countries around the globe.

So, join us, and be part of the change.

Join a unique global experience
and contribute to the future of Internet

30 lucky citizens will be given a chance to participate to one of the debates. They will meet other participants with whom they will exchange views on what Internet is to them, how it should evolve, and how it should be managed. Attendees will join small groups of 5, where they’ll be guided by trained facilitators ­– in order to let everyone’s voice be heard.

This collective work will be presented to experts and representatives who are shaping the Internet of tomorrow – during the Paris Internet Governance forum of November 2018, but also throughout 2019.

Anyone can participate!

Attendance of the citizens consultation is FREE. You do not need any specific knowledge in order to participate. Any point of view is welcomed, even the more skeptical ones. Diverging opinions need to be heard in order to reinforce a democratic process. Together, we’ll bring the views of ordinary citizens to the decision makers!

The future of Internet starts now. We’re just waiting for you!

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Join us, and you will be part of an ecosystem of stakeholders who will shape the Internet of tomorrow, together with the citizens.

Missions Publiques is a high-impact social entrepreneur whose mission is to bring the voice of ordinary citizens into local and international discussions through the organization of citizens’ debates.

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